About the professor

Linus Lau is a veteran professor of film studies at Long Beach City College where he was the recipient of the 2012 Sterling Award for his contributions to the Department of Visual and Media Arts.

A frequent guest lecturer in the Los Angeles area, Linus has occasionally served as a film festival judge, game conference panelist, and podcast co-host.

Mentored by the great composer and conductor Lynn Shurtleff, Linus makes his academic observations on film as a cultural artifact through his unique lens on the industry as a movie composer.  His music trailer client list includes Valve Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, and the Weinstein Co.   His music for the horror flick Last Girl Standing was described by Fangoria Magazine as “fantastic, pulsating” (Ken W. Hanley, 2015). His other recent film scores include Love and Politics which had a Tribeca Film Festival premiere and the new comedy Bread and Butter, starring Bobby Moynihan of Saturday Night Live.   His music can also be heard in the recent iPad video game Gyro the Robot.  In addition to his film music, his published songs on the poetry of Kenneth Koch and Emily Dickinson have premiered at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Santa Clara University and the Swedish Music Society of San Francisco.  His one-act opera The Release, was distributed on Adelayne Records in 2002.

He has a particular passion for teaching and runs courses on a wide variety of subjects including music video production and film scoring. He has lectured on the films of Věra Chytilová and Otto Preminger. In the spring of 2016, with the blessing of the director’s family, he created an eight-week lecture series on the life and films of the great Sam Fuller.

Having also served as the Program Chair of the Music Video, Film and Television Program at Musicians Institute, Mr. Lau holds an undergraduate degree in music from Santa Clara University and a master’s degree in film from USC.

Prior to coming to his senses, he was an executive assistant to several A-list directors.  He has sworn to secrecy.

Contact: llau@lbcc.edu